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    I am delighted to welcome you through the Website of Aqaba Water Company. This company represents a turning point in the management of the water and sanitation sectors not only in the Governorate of Aqaba but also throughout our beloved country.

    The establishment of Aqaba Water Company in August 2004 was an embodiment of the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II in dealing with the water situation in the Kingdom as a strategic challenge that requires parallelization between the needs of industry and agriculture sectors, and considering the issue of drinking water as the basis and most important issue in the limited water resources. The company is the first of its kind in the Kingdom to be entrusted with managing the water and sanitation sectors in its geographic area.

    The purpose of establishment Aqaba Water Company wasto increase the operational efficiency of the water and wastewater sectors in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone in particular and the Governorate of Aqaba in general, in order to cope with the increasing demand for water and sewerage services and to improve the services provided to the public, which reflects positively on the investment climate and provides the suitable environment for all investment sectors. Aqaba Water Company is a national limited liability company wholly owned by the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

    This site will enable all visitors, researchers and beneficiaries to view all the services provided by the company presented bydata and figures, and also to view the annual reports of the company and to follow up on its news, activities and agreements concluded with all relevant parties, and will enable them to benefit from the electronic services provided by this site which will Saves them time and effort.

    We were keen to ensure that the site will interact with links that have been prepared for this purpose, as the service recipients can express their opinions on all services provided by the company through the link polls, so they can report any complaint, comment or suggestion through the Complaintslink, or sending an e-mail that is handled professionally by the company’s specialists.

    We are coming with a deep belief that excellence in service delivery is not a goal in itself but a means of achieving the public’s satisfaction, which is the true measure of our overall performance, and we look forward to the sustainability of our services in accordance with the highest international standards.

    General Director


    Pioneering in managing and operating the sectors of water and wastewater, and excellence in service delivery.


    Efficiency in resources and operations management, and upgrading the level of services and technologies and to be a key part in raising environmental and health standards in accordance with local and international standards, and to ensure coverage of the cost and ensure continuity, with the expansion in building partnerships, and continuous quest to provide a fertile environmental for investment, thus contributing to prosperity community and secure its requirements.


    • Provide drinking water within the highest specifications for the recipients of the service in Aqaba Governorate.
    • Ensure continuity of water supply to all sectors in Aqaba Governorate to serve the objectives of development on Social, economic and environmental aspects.
    • Maximize the utilization of available water sources in the service area and work to provide alternative sources that meet current and future needs.
    • Working to cover all areas within Aqaba Economic Zone for Sewage Services.
    • Creating the optimal model for managing the water and wastewater sectors in the service area to be followed in other areas of the Kingdom.
    • Reduce water losses to a level comparable to that of developed countries.
    • Spreading water awareness among service recipients in all sectors to establish best practices for rationalizing water consumption.

    • Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
      His Excellency Ghassan Ghanem
      CEO of Aqaba Development Corporation

    • Member
      His Excellency Abdullah Yassin
      commissioner of the city of ASEZA

    • Member
      His Excellency Mohammad Awamleh
      Deputy CEO of Miyahuna

    • Member
      His Excellency Khalid Obaydein
      General Manager of Aqaba Water Company

    • President of the board of directors
      His Excellency Sa’ad Abu Hammour

    • Member
      His Excellency Mahmoud Jammani
      Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture

    • Member
      His Excellency Ali Soboh
      Assistant Secretary General of Water Authority of Jordan

    • Member
      Nasima Adel Al Fakhri
      A representative of the local community

    Eng. Khalid Al –Obaidain
    Holds a Master’s degree in Health Engineering from IHE University, Delft, Netherlands, and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Bogazchi University / Turkey.
    Worked as Assistant Secretary General of the Water Authority for Water Operations and Terminals from 2015-2016.
    Assistant to the Secretary General of the Water Authority for Administrative Affairs during the period 2014-2015,
    Director of Water Balqa during the period 2010-2014.
    Served as director of several water departments in the Kingdom during the period from 2002 to 2014

    Water Resources


    The city of Aqaba is supplied with water from 33 wells in the Dessah water basin located 325 km south of the capital Amman. The water of this basin is of the highest quality in the Kingdom.

    The remaining areas of Aqaba Governorate (Al Qawaira Brigade, WadiAraba Brigade) are supplied by water by wells located within the these areas. The total number of Aqaba Governorate supplied wells are 37.

    Desalination Station / South Beach

    The station was inaugurated in 2017 in implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed between Aqaba Water Company and Kimabco Company in order to meet its growing needs as it is the largest consumer due to the nature of its work in the field of chemical industries, and to provide additional water to the Aqaba Water Company to meet the growing demand for water.

    The production capacity of the plant is 500 m for 3 / h. Aqaba Water Company’s share will be 350 m for 3 / h and 150 m for 3 / h for Kemapco.The plant has been implemented with the highest specifications in terms of Membrane, Pumps… etc, and with the latest technology which improved the water quality. The concentration of total soluble salts TSD = 350mg / l., and by using the energy saving system (Energy Recovery) 35% of the energy bill will be saved.

    Desalination Plants / Qatar and Al RIsha

    The quality of water in some of Aqaba’s villages is highly saline, and for that reason the company has established two desalination plants in Qatar and Risha whichareworking with high efficiency to serve the people of the region and to provide them with clean and safe water that meets the requirements of the Jordanian standard.

    Carrier line

    The length of the main carrier line is 65 km which is the distance between the water sources in Dessah basin and the city of Aqaba.  The water flows strongly in the carrier line due to the natural slope causedby the high pumping areas and where this line starts (about 845 m above sea level). This has had a significant impact on reducing operational costs and on saving time and effort. The parts of the carrier line consist of rust-resistant ductile material and various ground and surface pressure agents.


    The company owns (31) tanks with a capacity of (50 – 6.800) m 3 serving the purposes of storage, distribution and pressure reduction, these tanks are located throughout the city of Aqaba.


    Aqaba has a modern distribution network with a length of (920) Km, most of which were updated in the life of the company.

    Purification plants

    1. Natural purification plant

    The plant was established in 1986 with a design capacity of up to 9000 m3 / day. The natural processing system is carried out by keeping the wastewater in large ponds isolated from the natural land for a certain period of time and where some microorganisms which will carry out the treatment process will grow within the ponds. The treated wastewater from this plant is used for irrigation of agricultural projects in the city of Aqaba.

    2- Mechanical purification plant

    This plant was established in 2005 with fundingassistance from the United States Agency for International Development USAIDstation was established in 2005 with funding assistance from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and with a design capacity of (12000) m3 / day In order to keep pace with the increasing demand for sewage services in the city of Aqaba resulting from the increase in population growth caused by the growth of various investment activities in the city.

    The treatment system at this plant is based on the activated sludge, it is one of the best stations operating in the Kingdom, and it is the only one that uses UV technology for the purposes of sterilization, as a phase of the triple treatment, as well as the use of sand filters and chlorine.

    The station is characterized by producing a variety of treated water for different uses where some is used to irrigate the green areas within the city of Aqaba through a separate network equipped with a reservoir to meet the needs of irrigation, and some for the use of industrial purposes. An average of 5000 m 3 / day is pumped from the plant to the Jordanian Fertilizer Plant.

    3- Back- Road Station

    In order to serve the back-road area with a sewage system, the company started operating the plant at the end of 2009 with a capacity of 100 m3 / day.

    The plant serves government and investment facilities in this area (Civil Defense Center, Drivers and VehiclesLicense department, Logistics Storage Companies and others).


    Lift stations

    These are the stations where the wastewater collected from the different uses that can not directly reach the purification plants, as is the case in some areas of Aqaba.

    The company owns 4 pumping stations, all of which are located in the Middle Shore area with a total capacity of 12000 m3 / day. These stations return the wastewater sequentiallyto the main pumping station with a capacity of 50,000 m3 / day, which in turn return sewage to the purification plants.

    Due to the fact that the main lift station is located in the hotels area downtown , the company has been working to be a high-quality environment-friendly, where it was equipped with a sophisticated system for deodorization which is considered to be one of the latest globally systems used in this area.

    Collective reservoir

    The purified water produced by the purification plants is pumped after verification of conformity with the approved Jordanian specifications to the collection tank located in the ninth residential area, which has a storage capacity of 6000 cubic meters,in order to control the process of distribution by flow to serve the participants with this type of water, which is currently limited to the authority of the Special Zone for irrigation of public parks and fertilizer plants for industrial use.

    Sewerage network

    The total length of the sewage network in the city of Aqaba is about 325 km. It is a modern network made of acid-resistant, vapors and gas-resistant materials to increase its operational efficiency.

    The company continuously works to keep abreast of technological developments in various fields related to the nature of its work, including maintenance and operation to provide it with the latest technologies in order to achieve the speed of completion of the work, accuracy and increase in its operational efficiency.

    The company also provides its staff in the field of maintenance and operation with the necessary care to raise their technical level through the specialized training programs and through providing them with the tools, supplies and modern techniques that help them to carry out their work with a professional manner. This has achieved positive results in increasing the efficiency of operations and maintenance and reducing the financial costs, as well as improving the services provided by the company.

    Operation of water and sanitation systems

    100% Scada

    The company uses the SCADA system to manage and operate all the joints of the water and wastewater systems. This system allows technical personnel to automatically control water sources, collection tanks and pumping water in networks, purification plants and lifting stations.

    The operation of this system is highly efficient within the highest technical and operational specifications through a qualified staff working with the latest equipment and technologies to enhance the operational process. The use of this system has had a great impact on saving time, effort and money, as well as the high accuracy it possess, which reflected positively on all indicators of performance.


    The company is working on plans to meet the highest standards for various maintenance aspects. This has a significant impact on reducing the operating costs of the water and wastewater sectors and a positive reflection on the provision of the necessary allocations for developing the facilities of these two sectors,which will benefit the recipients in terms of continuing to improve the quality and speed of services provided.

    The maintenance work is carried out using the computerized software (MP2) where the preventive maintenance orders are issued daily and automatically. It is also provided with faults and corrective maintenance works that were carried out in order to build a database that includes all the maintenance work carried out and provide the necessary information about all equipment and tools working in the company so it can be reviewed for future evaluation purposes.

    Electrical and mechanical maintenance works are carried out by a team of qualified technicians trained to carry out the tasks entrusted to them professionally and efficiently, which made the maintenance departments in the sanitation sector a reference to provide technical and advisory services to many institutions and companies in the city of Aqaba.

    Service nerve

    Based on the important role played by the information technology sector in the water and sanitation sectors, and in view of the company’s vision of providing its services at a distinguished level and the required performance in all aspects of work, including information technology, the company has worked continuously to modernize and develop this vital sector.

    The privacy of the service area has imposed a number of additional challenges on the company. Performance standards required in the Special Economic Zone are much higher than in other regionswhich required the company to develop its technology and upgrade the information technology to standard levels of automation in line with the privacy of the service area.

    To achieve this goal, the company has worked to automate all work joints, including control systems for water networks, sewage, pumping and purification plants, in addition to automating all financial, administrative and service work in the company.

    The company is looking to produce a full range of specialized programs in the management of water and wastewater sectors through the Directorate of Systems and Information, and transfer its experience in this field to local and international water companies based on the successive successes in the automation sector over the past years.

    The company is developing its technology and upgrading IT to standard levels of automation in line with the specificity of the region, which requires meeting the highest standards of performance at all levels. To achieve this goal, the company has started the automation of all work joints, including control systems for water networks, sewage, pumping and purification plants, in addition to automating all financial, administrative and service work in the company.

    Expansion of coverage of sewage services

    The accumulated achievements of the company in the management of the sewage sector in the city of Aqaba have been established for a pilot experiment worthy of generalization, which led the decision maker to transfer this pilot experience to other areas south of the Kingdom to strengthen the reality of sanitation services in these areas, Where the start was by concluded of the contract of management and operation of the Wadi Musa purification plant in 2006, followed by the conclusion of a contract for the management and operation of Ma’an purification plant in 2009, and the conclusion of the contract management and operation of the purification plant Mu’tah and Mazar and Adnanieh in Karak governorate in 2015.

    WadiMousa purification plant

    The station, which operates mechanically in 2001, has a capacity of 3500 m 3 / day to serve the areas of Taybeh, Wadi Musa, Baddul and Baida, which have a population of about 28,000.

    In 2006, the Water Authority entrusted the company with the tasks of managing, operating and maintaining this plant in addition to its lifting stations, under a management contract entered between the Authority and the company, in order to increase its operational efficiency to serve the ancient city of Petra which is one of the most prominent tourism landmarks of the kingdom and to conserve its environment.

    Since the signing of the agreement between the Authority and the company and the maintenance and development work is continuing to upgrade and maintain the level of excellence in service.The purified water produced by the plant is used to irrigate 1000 dunums of agricultural land.

    Ma’an purification plant

    This station was established in 2008 with a capacity of (7000) m3 / day to serve the city of Ma’an, which has a population of about (42) thousand people.

    In mid-September 2009, the Water Authority entrusted the Company with the management, operation and maintenance of this plant under a management contract concluded between the Authority and the Company.

    The plant receives approximately 4000 m3 / day of wastewater, which is treated to ensure the production of reclaimed water of high quality used for agricultural purposes. The reclaimed water produced by the plant is used to irrigate 400 dunums of agricultural land (feed) also, the preparation of the necessary studies to pump about (2500) m3 for the purpose of use in some of the existing industries in the Ma’an Development Area has finished.

    Mu’tah, Mazar and Adnanieh purification plant

    The capacity of the plant is (7000) m3 per day, to serve the areas of Muta and Mazar and Adnanieh in the province of Karak, the water authority entrusted the company to manage and operate this plant in early 2015 under a management contract concluded between the Authority and the company.

    Water quality

    The pollution term is not in our dictionary. No pollution has been recorded since our inception in 2004.

    Throughout Aqaba, service recipients can drink directly from our tap water.

    The quality control of drinking water and reclaimed water is at the forefront of the company’s priorities, where the Directorate of Laboratories and Quality monitors the quality of water sources and water supply systems from pumping stations, main reservoirs, wells and water distribution networks.It implements regular and periodicalmonitoring programs and conducts the required laboratory tests within the standards and parameters required in Jordanian standards for drinking water and wastewater.


    The company has taken the necessary measures to protect the water sources feeding the main reservoirs by erecting the walls around these sources and closing them tightly so that they are not opened except for the purpose of maintenance or water quality control. There is also a system for monitoring water quality on the reservoirs and main distribution networks to protect it from the arrival of any effects that may changes the quality of water. This system is used to measure excess chlorine, turbidity and PH.


    The water supplied to the distribution networks shall be treated with chlorine and the chlorine surplus shall be maintained according to the requirements of the Jordanian Standard, and this shall be monitored in two ways:

    A– Installing special measuring sensors to measureof excess chlorine, turbidity and pH, then transfer the information to the electronic monitoring system.

    B– Taking random samplings from the main reservoirs and distribution networks and measure of excess chlorine by technicians specialized in this field.

    In addition, some water sources need other methods of treatment by using the removal of excess salts technology and then subjecting the water quality to the requirements of the Jordanian standards for drinking water as the case in the desalination plants in Al-Risha and Qatar.


    The primary and secondary distribution networks are monitored all the way until the subscriber meter by taking controlling water samples related to water qualitychecked in the company’s laboratories, and some in the Water Authority laboratories and the Special Region Authority laboratories, and this is achieved by implementing a package of control programs and as follows:

    • Water resources control programs.
    •  Main pumping stations and reservoirs control programs.
    • Distribution networks control programs.
    • Wastewater Control programs (purification plants)

    The tests conducted for the purposes of monitoring the quality of water can be divided as follows:

    • Microbiological tests
    • Physical and chemical tests
    • Biochemical tests

    Essential partners in the environment conservation

    Believing in the role of the company of maintainability of the surroundingsofthe sanitation facilities, it has interacted with the local community through several activities that are concerned with the maintainability of the service area.

    And since the company is working in a tourist city and an economic center on the Red Sea, the company has given the sewage system a special attention to ensure all facilities and work lines are environmentally friendly. The company continuously seeks to develop and modernize all aspects of the sewage system to ensure that it is free from any environmental pollutants.

    In order to achieve that, the company has installed a modern system for smell treatment in the main lift station located in the hotel area; which works with biological treatment technology, one of the latest treatment systems in the world where the efficiency of the removal of gases that cause odor reaches up to 99%. The company also applies similar systems in the dispensers that produce odorous gases, which are highly efficient systems.

    The company also adopts a strict monitoring program to monitor the emission of gases from various sewage facilities, with the aim of controlling them and limiting the impact of their emissions on the surrounding areas to meet the requirements of the Jordanian air standard.

    This is in addition to the implementation of a supervisory program in cooperation with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority to ensure that the quality of reclaimed water conforms to the Jordanian standard.

    Use reclaimed water for a green city

    Year after year, the company expanded the green areas using reclaimed water, which has played a major role in the greening process of the city of Aqaba and the aesthetic character of it as it is a tourist city in the first place, in addition to the positive effects on the various environmental aspects.

    Agricultural projects benefiting from reclaimed water can be summarized as follows:

    • Greening the city of Aqaba
    • Al Haq farms
    • Forest of Peace
    • Pilot project
    • Greening the Aqaba purification plant
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