1. What is the billing date?

    The bills are issued once every 3 months. The year is divided into four sessions. The first quarter is issued at the beginning of April, the second quarter is issued at the beginning of July, the third quarter is issued at the beginning of October, the fourth quarter is issued at the beginning of the month The following year. Each region has a date of issue according to a specific schedule.

    1. What are the papers and fees required to extend the subscription of new water or sewage?

    All details are indicated in the company’s website.

    1. When is the separation and what value is the water separated?

    The Company shall be entitled to terminate the service from the unpaid subscribers after 19 days from the distribution of the invoice regardless of the value, and this is indicated on the back of the invoice.

    1. Who determines the values of separation?

    On the instructions of the company and according to the program prepared for this purpose by the department concerned.

    1. Why is not a notice distributed prior to dismissal?

    Receipt of invoice means receipt of a notice of dismissal in the event of non-payment and this is installed on the back of the invoice.

    1. Why are not invoices distributed?

    The quarterly cycle is only closed by issuing all invoices to all subscribers. We always check the status of the invoice on the system, and the citizen is answered based on the status of the invoice on the system. Either an invoice issued by the site or office, and the loss of the invoice or not received directly does not mean not issued and the value of the value.

    1. When is the separated water returned?

    The work of the return teams shall begin after 3:00 pm until 11 pm, and all parameters of the counters that have been settled shall be inserted before 2 pm, and any treatment shall take place after the second hour..

    1. Who will return the water and telephone number?

    There is no specific employee for the teams, where the teams are distributed by another department and the operation takes place daily after 2 pm.

    1. What are your objection procedures?

    The citizen has the right to object to the value of the invoice issued to him. In order to proceed with the objection procedures, 25% of the value of the objectionable bill is paid + 10 JD of objection fees + payment of the uncontested balance

    10. Is it permissible for you to pay installments?

    The amount of the claims can be settled provided that 25% of the value is paid as a down payment and the remainder of the amount shall be paid according to the instructions specified for this purpose.

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    You can download the Aqaba Water Company application on your phone to find out and inquire about your bill.
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