I am delighted to welcome you through the Website of Aqaba Water Company. This company represents a turning point in the management of the water and sanitation sectors not only in the Governorate of Aqaba but also throughout our beloved country.

The establishment of Aqaba Water Company in August 2004 was an embodiment of the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II in dealing with the water situation in the Kingdom as a strategic challenge that requires parallelization between the needs of industry and agriculture sectors, and considering the issue of drinking water as the basis and most important issue in the limited water resources. The company is the first of its kind in the Kingdom to be entrusted with managing the water and sanitation sectors in its geographic area.

The purpose of establishment Aqaba Water Company wasto increase the operational efficiency of the water and wastewater sectors in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone in particular and the Governorate of Aqaba in general, in order to cope with the increasing demand for water and sewerage services and to improve the services provided to the public, which reflects positively on the investment climate and provides the suitable environment for all investment sectors. Aqaba Water Company is a national limited liability company wholly owned by the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

This site will enable all visitors, researchers and beneficiaries to view all the services provided by the company presented bydata and figures, and also to view the annual reports of the company and to follow up on its news, activities and agreements concluded with all relevant parties, and will enable them to benefit from the electronic services provided by this site which will Saves them time and effort.

We were keen to ensure that the site will interact with links that have been prepared for this purpose, as the service recipients can express their opinions on all services provided by the company through the link polls, so they can report any complaint, comment or suggestion through the Complaintslink, or sending an e-mail that is handled professionally by the company’s specialists.

We are coming with a deep belief that excellence in service delivery is not a goal in itself but a means of achieving the public’s satisfaction, which is the true measure of our overall performance, and we look forward to the sustainability of our services in accordance with the highest international standards.

General Director

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